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Masked figures, people in costume, children and marionettes are amongst the characters that inhabit the eternal twilight of my paintings. Suspended between the real and imagined, lived and dreamt, I draw on archival images as the starting point for each painting; weaving family photographs and folklore together to create imagined narratives that explore mortality, mourning and remembrance.


Interested in the disjuncture between memory & history, my practice questions the veracity of the archive by using painting as an interface where photography and oral histories can coalesce;  these dichotomous mnemonic devices for cultural memory and family lore are in conversation within the works.


Created by a process of layering charcoal drawings, ink washes and oil painting on top of each-other, these composite images evoke ideas of the hauntological and post-internet a-temporality; palimpsest compositions that mine the historical strata for spectral traces and inherited memories.

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